When it comes to motorcycles or dirt bikes, two-stroke or four-stroke engines have been a cause of many endless debates. People who prefer or are more comfortable with the two-stroke engine still swear by them, while others opt for four-stroke engines.

It may be confusing to figure out which one you should choose. In order to make that easier, it is important for you to understand their differences and uses.

Two-Stroke Engine

The main purpose of a two-stroke engine is combustion and compression. It is quite a straightforward process where the engine lights the spark plug for each rotation in the crankshaft. When compared to other motorcycles, two-stroke bikes are incredibly lightweight.

Bikes having two-stroke engines, such as the Rieju MR Ranger 300, may be easy to operate, but their maintenance requirements are significantly high. Motorcycles with two-stroke engines are lightweight and quick, and have a powerful kick motor. The quicker blow per cc makes it a lot convenient to toss your bike around.

But despite this feature, it can be quite difficult to ride and manage these bikes. The light weight may suggest otherwise; however, keeping a two-stroke bike in control can be a challenging task. With greater power, people can quickly achieve a high speed on a two-stroke bike.

Four-Stroke Engine

As compared to the two-stroke engine, the four-stroke engine has four primary operations: combustion, exhaustion, intake, and compression. A four-stroke engine offers a more consistent and stable power output because of its ignition after two crankshaft revolutions.

This is a perfect engine for novices as it offers a much finer powerband, which makes it easier for the beginner to ride the bike. It is much easier to control a four-stroke bike on tracks which makes it an ideal choice for many. The four-stroke engine has more working components; therefore, you can spend less time on clutch, brakes and shifts.

Bikes with a four-stroke engine do not need much maintenance due to their numerous features. This type of engine is an ideal choice for bikers who do trail racing or riding. However, in case you need maintenance, it will cost you a lot since there are more components which could mean more repairs.

Both bike engines have their own benefits so ultimately the choice depends on the rider and its use. They can go for any which meets their requirements and can be bought within a set budget.

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