If your PC is working slowly, you can apply the Cyberlabpc cleaner to it. This is the best cleaner of PCs you will ever find in the market. It will clear up all the spyware, tracking cookies, as well as junk files from your PC. Your PC will start working like a new one again.

The Cyberlab cleaner is affordable. It comes at a very reasonable price. You can also try it free of cost. Later, you can purchase it if you want. This pc cleaner will take the utmost care of your PC. Apart from cleaning it, the Cyberlab will also perform some other functions on your PC. Thus, your PC will be quicker and better.

So, look at the features of the Cyberlabpc cleaner first. Your PC will be benefited in a number of ways so to say. Here they are –

Features of the Cyberlab

  • Automatic optimization

The Cyberlab will optimize your PC automatically. It is able to work even when your PC is not in action. You can leave it working by keeping your PC on sleep mode. After that, when you will start working on your PC again, you will find it fully optimized. The Cyberlab will also be shut down on its own.

  • Privacy security

The privacy of your PC is secured with the Cyberlab. It does not gather any personal details or information from your PC. Neither does it share any data from your PC to somewhere else. It will not keep track of the mouse clicks either. Even the IP address of your PC will be protected.

  • Complete removal of leftover files

Some files get left behind when you uninstall any program on your PC. They make your PC work slowly. But the Cyblerlab cleaner will rescue your PC from such consequences. It will remove all those unwanted files completely from your PC. You can also forcibly remove them if you want. You will get that option in the Cyberlab.

  • Apps usage alerts

This cleaner will give you alerts regarding the usage of apps in the background of your PC. The CyberlabStartup Monitor will do this job. You will be able to either Approve or Disable the usage of the background apps. However, you can also disable the CyberlabStartup Monitor by turning it off manually.

These are the features of the Cyberlabpc cleaner. It can be applied to the versions of Windows as mentioned below –

  1. Windows Vista
  2. Windows 7
  3. Windows 8
  4. Windows 10
  5. Windows 11

It can work with both 32 and 64-bit systems. This cleaner does not contain any kind of advertisement. Besides, it is comfortable to work with any antivirus or software you use on your PC. The Cyberlab pc cleaner also takes care of the important or wanted files, folders, as well as cookies on your PC. It does not do any kind of harm to them. So, surprise your PC with a Cyberlab today!

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