Cojimar, the name speaks for itself, is a trendy Dominican Republic brand of cigars. The origin of these cigars dates back to the year 1960 when the communists invaded the Dominican Republic. During this occupation, many people lost their lives, and their homes were destroyed. In addition, many men were taken as prisoners while women were either killed or put into slavery.

After the war was over, freedom returned, and the survivors were allowed to rebuild their belongings. Among all those who were left were some old cigar manufacturing companies. These companies were located in the remote mountains of the Dominican Republic. They wanted to continue with the production of cigars but found it difficult due to the terrain and weather conditions. So they decided to create a lighter cigar that would be more friendly to the taste buds. So they began assembling leaves, and after that, they added different kinds of fillers and, later, flavors.

As we all know, flavored cigars are tastier and more refreshing than ordinary ones. However, it is the flavorings added to it that give it the taste so desirable. The premium tobacco used in Cojimar cigars offers you an incredibly smooth and medium-bodied smoke with a beautiful aroma.

So what makes this premium Dominican tobacco so unique? The main flavoring is made from vanilla and nuts. You can detect traces of vanilla and nut in every cigar that you smoke. Another exciting feature that you will find in the premium brand is that there is an aftertaste. No matter how long you have smoked a cigar, you will never experience a fresher and tastier one.

There are many other vital features of premium Dominican tobacco. Among them, the cigars are rolled on a very thin flerer, and they are wrapped using simple wrappers that preserve the authentic flavor of the cigar. These cigars are also manufactured using the most delicate tobacco leaves, and their wrappers are handpicked and individually handmade. With these two attributes, you can be assured that you are smoking genuine Dominican Republic cigars.

You might ask what makes Cojimar cigars so unique. The excellent wrapper that they use provides a beautiful opportunity for you to enjoy the unique taste of premium tobacco. The tight corkscrew and perfectly designed cap ensure that your cigars do not go out in a puff. The sturdy quality of the cigars ensures that you do not have to keep on changing your humidor to maintain your excellent cigar collection. With so many great cigar brands around, you are guaranteed to find a great cigar with the perfect blend of flavor that you desire.

If you are a fan of mild cigars, you must try a good cigar from the Dominican Republic. The top-grade cigar from the Cohiba brand is an excellent example of a fine smoke. The other top-grade cigar that you should try is the Cohoba grand cru. Both of these cigars are aged in Dominican Republic tobacco leaves. With a beautiful wrapper, perfectly shaped foot, and a perfectly crafted Cigar, you can be sure that your money is well spent when you decide to purchase a Cohoba Grand Cru or a Cohoba Cojimar.

With the selection of Cohoba and Cojimar cigars available to you, there is no reason why you should not be able to choose the best Dominican Republic cigars. If you want to know more about these premium flavored cigars, you can visit the website below. There you can learn more about the history of the wrappers used by these fine cigars and learn how to buy the right size of a cigar. While you are at this site, you might want to look into the various ways in which you can save some money by purchasing your favorite flavored cigars online.

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