When you have a busy, thriving office, you must ensure you manage noise levels effectively, as this can significantly affect the productivity of your employees. When an office is too noisy, your employees can struggle to concentrate and do their jobs as effectively. You can do various things to help manage noise levels in your office space that are worth considering for your business. Below are some options to help control noise levels in a busy office that can make it more comfortable and boost productivity.

Avoid Hard Flooring

Hard flooring surfaces are popular in many workplaces as they are easy to clean and maintain. However, they can also increase the noise levels and echo in a room. Using a softer flooring material, such as carpets or carpet tiles, can significantly reduce noise levels. You can also choose a hybrid combination and have walkways through your office made of harder flooring material, and where employees work, use carpet or carpet tiles.

Use Acoustic Insulation In Your Walls

You can also install acoustic plasterboard from workplaceinteriorshop.co.uk on the walls and ceilings of your office, which helps reduce the noise levels. Unlike traditional wet plaster, plasterboard is quick and easy to install and offers much more acoustic insulation. The plasterboard has acoustic absorbing properties that reduce echo and help keep noise manageable in a busy office environment.

Divide Open Areas

Open-plan offices can be an excellent idea, but they can also increase noise levels and make it harder for employees to concentrate. A perfect way to counter this is by using office partitions to divide the area in your office. You can consider using many office partitions, some of which have acoustic insulation, or you can add acoustic insulation to them. Different ways to partition areas in your office include:

  • Drywall Partitions
  • Glass Partitions
  • Demountable Partitions
  • Sliding Partitions
  • Office Dividers

Breaking up the open plan design of your office can help you contain the noise it makes and make it much more comfortable for people working in it.

Install A Suspended Ceiling

Another way to help manage noise levels in your office is installing a suspended ceiling if you have enough ceiling height. Reducing the height of the ceiling can help reduce echo in the area, and you can also install acoustic ceiling tiles that can give you further protection. You can also use your suspended ceiling to hide cables and ducting, making your office space more aesthetically pleasing and helping manage noise levels.

Decorate Your Walls

You can also help absorb sound and reduce echo by decorating the walls of your office space. You can use textured wallpaper or hang pictures and posters, which can also help reduce noise. Plain walls will reflect soundwaves more; covering them will reduce this, making it a much more comfortable and better-looking working environment.

Use Office Plants

Having lots of plants in your office can also help you manage sound levels in the workplace. You can use living or artificial plants, which can also profoundly affect your employees, allowing them to concentrate and work productively. You can click here to find out how plants can boost productivity in the workplace and help make a healthier working environment.

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