The betting market is actively developing and the number of players is constantly growing. Therefore, sports forecasts have become increasingly important. Choosing a quality platform with tips and analytics becomes as important as choosing a bookmaker’s website to place bets.

Bookmakers’ betting lines today are so diverse that it is easy for beginners to get lost in such a variety of options. And with a large number of events, there is a temptation to place more bets or combine them in parlays.

Sports forecasting and analytical platforms help in the game against the bookmakers. One of such platforms is Scores 24. It provides information absolutely free of charge, without requiring any paid subscriptions, or other paid activities on the site.

This platform has long been an assistant not only to beginners in betting but also to experienced customers of bookmakers’ offices. It features lots and lots of analytic data and offers daily forecasts for events from different sports disciplines. For example, about a thousand forecasts just for soccer matches are available on the website almost every day. But the catalog also offers disciplines such as:

  • basketball;
  • volleyball;
  • tennis;
  • ice hockey;
  • snooker;
  • CS:GO.

Unlike most prediction services, Scores 24 is also an analytical platform where you can track game results in Live mode, study statistics and outcomes of past matches, as well as view the calendar and schedule of upcoming sports events.

The best bets to make

Bookmakers offer several basic types of bets:

  • straight;
  • system;

The system is a rather complicated type of betting that is not profitable at all in a long run, so it is rarely used. This option is mainly used by beginners to be on the safe side and avoid loss in case of incorrectly predicted outcomes of one or more events (depends on the type of system).

The other two types are more in demand. The straight is a bet on only one event, and the parlay is a multiple bet. With the latter option, two or more outcomes for different matches are present in the betting ticket.

Straight bets are the most simple and straightforward. The bettor chooses the desired outcome, sets the amount, and makes a bet. If the bettor guessed the result right, the betting slip is calculated according to the odds relevant to the outcome and the amount is credited to the game wallet.

Scores 24 offers predictions on individual events only and does not combine them into parlays. Visitors can do it on their own choosing a few of the most interesting options. But the website’s experts, like most experienced cappers, recommend betting with straights. Professionals very rarely use multiple bets, and now we will discuss why this is the case.

Why straight bets are more profitable than parlays

At first glance, a parlay is a very attractive option in betting. After all, this deal means that the odds of all outcomes in the tickets are multiplied with each other and give in the end a very favorable rate. Thus, it is possible to hit a substantial amount with one successful bet.

This factor looks especially appealing to new bettors who try to earn a lot and right away. Sometimes it happens, but if bettors continue to play, it is very difficult to keep the result in a long run.

The point is that each odd includes a bookmaker’s margin. And when it comes to a parlay, not only the odds are multiplied, but also the commission of the betting company. As a result, parlay deals become less effective in the long run. And the goal of every professional bettor is not to get a huge profit immediately, but to remain on a plus side over a long period.

Parlays are also unprofitable because bettors can make a mistake only with one event prediction and predict the rest correctly, but even if they lose in one outcome, the entire game ticket will also bring loss. But if straight bets are placed, the bettor loses one bet only, and all the others will bring profit and help to cover the unsuccessful bet.

How to choose a match for betting

Experts recommend concentrating on one sport discipline, and to bet only on a few tournaments where the bettor has the most knowledge. In this case, it is easier to analyze the matches, and predictions will be more accurate. It is impossible to earn money betting on everything in a row.

But this rule applies only when bettors study and analyze matches on their own. To expand the range of bets, it is better to use the predictions offered by Scores 24. Here bettors can find tips from experts in various sports disciplines, and machine intelligence is used for the calculation of likely outcomes.

Nevertheless, it is better to bet on the most understandable sports in any case. After all, knowing the rules, the strength of teams and athletes, bettors can conduct their own analysis based on the data provided and, if necessary, adjust the bet in the correct direction.

The best time to make deals

As a rule, the Scores 24 website publishes the most predictions the day before the start of the match. That’s why there is always an opportunity to make a bet for today or tomorrow. But it is more profitable to bet a little in advance. After all, the closer it is to the match, the lower the odds will be on the most obvious outcome.

This effect arises because of dropping odds caused by the movement of cash flow. The higher the total amount of bets on one of the outcomes, the more odds on it will drop. The odds for the second option will grow.

If bettors make deals closer to the beginning of the game (especially if it is a very popular match), they will bet on the lowered odds. Therefore, it is always more profitable to bet on the favorites at least a day before the game or even earlier.

If a bettor’s prediction does not coincide with the opinion of most bookmakers’ customers, it makes sense to wait and bet before the very beginning of the sporting event. Thus, due to dropped odds for the opposite outcome, the bettor will get a bet with an increased odds.

That is why it is recommended to use different strategies. Playing with favorable odds, the bettors will get higher profits in a long run.

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