The necessity of a mobile phone

Owning a mobile phone was a choice before, but now it is a necessity. This is because most of our daily activities have been completed easily with the help of a mobile phone. Phones are designed to simplify the tasks which human beings do daily. For example, we used to ask people for the route when we had to travel from one place to another. The invention of google maps has made this task so simple. We need to enter the destination in the application, and it will show us the direction. Similarly, there have been many inventions that have simplified our tasks over the years. There is a lot of research going on in this field of mobile app development, and the future is said to be bright.

How much does a mobile phone cost?

Phones are being designed most fashionably. The weight of a phone is trying to be made less while the performance is aimed to become better. As they are called at present, smartphones cost from around 7000 INR to a few lakhs INR. Some of the famous mobile manufacturing companies across the globe are Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Xiaomi, etc. These companies have sold millions of phones worldwide in the past few years because of the need for phones seen in the market. Many people rent a phone for a lesser amount because some phones are not affordable for certain people. Their main aim is to rent a mobile phone of excellent quality and then return it to the lender after a certain duration.

Future of mobile phones

A mobile phone has become an integral part of our lives. Even the youngest of people are seen using mobile phones very often. Considering the present situation of a lockdown throughout several cities and countries across the globe, online education has played a major role in keeping children, the working population, and other adults. Mobile phones have been the ideal platform for conducting these classes and working platforms for companies still following the work from the home method. Many people have had to rent a phone and use it in these times. Unprecedented situations like these can never be predicted. Nobody is sure about when this will end. Staying safe and working with the resources available is the only way of survival.

Impact of the pandemic on the public 

The pandemic has affected many families financially. Many students have used the rent a phone policy and have gone about their classes through the online mode. Education can never end, and every day is new learning. We must be ready for similar situations like this a few decades later, and we must be prepared to face such scenarios most smartly.

Future of technology 

Technology development is a never-ending process, and the future will be driven by technology as well. No one can separate mobile phones from people now because it has become a major part of our lives and will continue to do so. There are many more problems left to be sorted out using technology.

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