Retirement becomes hard without proper planning for the funds to get adequate care and maintenance without any challenges. Saving and planning for retirement saves individuals from the hassles that enable them to be financially stress-free and enjoy their old age. Wealth management firms have been very instrumental in providing financial assistance to individuals, helping them secure the future and retirement. Ruedi Wealth is a family-owned wealth management company that works to help clients achieve their unique retirement goals. The proper management of the finances puts individuals in a good place financially during their old age, enabling them to continue with their lifestyle with no financial strains. Some of the retirement planning services that individuals benefit from include:

Financial planning

A well-written financial plan can determine the retirement success or failure of an individual. The wealth management firms work closely with clients to clearly understand their retirement goals, enabling them to develop financial plans and work on their achievements. The plan’s development involves the firm getting to know the client well, including their financial situation. All the relevant information gets collected to create a personalized financial program designed to help individuals achieve their most important goals. Clients get provided with several options to choose from to determine the one that works for them best.

When it comes to the implementation, all the necessary accounts get set up, the assets get managed according to the plan, and the money gets availed for spending when needed. The wealth management firm’s advisors constantly monitor the plan, ensuring that the client stays on track to achieve their financial goals. When the client deviates from the plan, the professionals make the necessary adjustments to get back on track.

Investment management

The wealth management firms use a highly disciplined investment management approach designed to help individuals grow their wealth and fund their retirement plans. The professionals provide investment management services for their valued clients in three key areas: portfolio design, strategic portfolio withdrawals, and continuous portfolio management. The portfolio design enables the identification of the best investment mix to reach individual set goals while determining the best type of account to minimize taxes. The strategic portfolio withdrawals assess the amount of money one can safely withdraw from their investment portfolio every month or year during retirement. Finally, continuous portfolio management enables professionals to monitor and rebalance the client portfolio constantly.

Ongoing advice

The wealth management firms guide and support clients throughout their retirement and provide many ways to stay connected with their clients. The various methods include scheduled checkups, anytime adjustments, and emergency consultations. The scheduled checkup gets done annually and semi-annually. The professionals reach out to the client throughout the year and provide meaningful information on deadlines or changes that might impact their retirement plans. The checkups enable adjustments with various options and help make the necessary adjustments. Additionally, the adjustments ensure that the client stays in line with investment plans and determine if a new plan would yield better results to meet the client’s financial needs.

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