Controversies aside, Battlefield 2042 is shaping up to be quite the dynamic game still played by a dedicated fanbase. They particularly approve of the game’s realistic and dynamic maps as well as grounded gameplay. It’s quite refreshing compared to the space marine template of other games.

Despite its issues, Battlefield currently has loads of people looking up battlefield 2042 cheats in order to engage in the game more, as though it’s a customization option or something. 

Hacks and Cheats to “Customize” the Game 

  • Give Yourself More Chances at Fun: The game is at its vanilla stage. The vanilla stage of anything, from Street Fighter V to Halo Infinite, is when it’s searching for its identity and smoothening out bugs. Everything is also “ungabunga” in terms of gameplay at first.
  • What is UngaBunga? This term refers to a tactic, character, or play style that relies heavily on excessive offense, so much so that the player attacks seemingly blindly at every match without technique or defense. As though they’re acting like “cavemen” or “gorillas”.
  • Why are Vanilla Games full of UngaBunga? Many vanilla multiplayer games start out as ungabunga because offensive-style gameplay is the most attractive to consumers and it’s best to start out at good offense while fine-tuning defensive play and modes as the game gets updates.
  • What about Cheats and Hacks? Cheats and hacks from aimbots to gaining advanced weaponry even though you’ve just opened your account 5 minutes ago thrive in a caveman or offense-based environment. Cheats can give you an edge against players who are so hyper-offensive they can turn off their brain and win with offense alone.
  • The Game’s Class System: The game has a class system that was introduced to give the whole thing more flexibility. For impatient new players, it instead serves as a time waster to ensure they’re playing to get to a higher class, which delays their fun.
  • Get an Intense Experience Immediately: Instead of leveling up by collecting points and delaying the fun you’d be getting from having a higher class, you can cut through the nonsense by getting cheats and hacks against the class system and put yourself to the top immediately.
  • Shouldn’t You Earn Your Spot? Like in real life, it’s erroneous to think that you’re part of the lower class or the peasantry because of what you did rather than what you were born in. Instead of resigning yourself to your misfortune, if you can “cheat” your way to success then you should do so.
  • What Sorts of Cheats Should You Get? You can get cheats such as an aimbot that automatically aims your gun to your opponents so all you have to do is shoot. You can even hack the game in way that lets you be invulnerable to fire or at least reduce your hitbox significantly.
  • Isn’t Having an Unfair Advantage Boring? It depends on your skill level. If you’d rather have fun by virtue of skill you wouldn’t need the cheats unless you want to check out how they work. If you’re a novice who wants an edge to make up for your inexperience, cheats work quite well to bridge that gap.
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