Numbing cream, before acquiring this name have been used as anesthetics in medical procedures from small to large surgeries for painless procedures. They help in blocking signals between the brain to the organ during stimuli. Slowly, these anesthetics came into regular use, from medical authorities and staff to tattoo and piercing experts for cosmetic surgeries, and smaller procedures like piercing, needling, face lifting, etc.

Who Can Use Numbing Creams?

Numbing creams are safe to use for kids, given the nod of a doctor, and can also be used with a proper prescription. Though today numbing creams are sold openly on the counter without any need for a prescription, it’s always good to take suggestions from the doctor to avoid risks of side effects.

Numbing creams can be most helpful for toddlers during their injections and medical checkups as kids cannot bear the pain of needles and it would keep their skin supple and smooth without causing much trouble to the kids. Also, for older people whose skin is very delicate and fragile just like the kids and they too need more care as at that age with their unending medical needs, they will have to take a lot of tests and injections and numbing creams can be of great help to make the pain numb and keep their skin and nerves tight.

Composition Of Numbing Creams 

Lidocaine is the main chemical used in making numbing creams. This chemical’s bond when altered forms other compositions widely used as numbing gels, sprays, and creams for different organs. Approximately 4% of lidocaine, combined with other components like benzocaine and tetracaine are used as numbing creams with sodium solidifiers constituting to large half of the composition.

Numbing Creams Widely In Tattoo Domain

Recently, the increase in sales of counter-based numbing creams shows that people are buying these creams on their own especially when they are about to get tattoos or piercings done. Well, few tattoo artists do not consider using numbing creams as it is not natural and they believe the pain endured during a tattoo is quite normal for an adult to bear. But it’s debatable as pain is subject to individual tolerance and one cannot decide if numbing cream should be used for small skin procedures, such as tattooing and piercing. Numbing creams are not just available as creams, in a solidified form but also as sprays, gels, and also in the form of oral consumptives like soft gel capsules or tablets.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Numbing Cream

Before buying a numbing product, consider the following factors

  • Check the pH of the product you want to buy. The pH of numbing cream should be preferred to be neutral to avoid any skin issues
  • Choose the product based on your skin type. One solution doesn’t fit all and one wrong decision can cause danger to the skin.
  • Consider the physical and mental status of the person, given that the numbing cream effect may not be to its full potential during anxious, stressful situations or menstrual cycles in women.
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