Starting this business, a decade away, BBQs 2u has been serving their customers with the best of barbeques, grillers and ovens.

Whether you need a gas or a charcoal, they have barbeques of all types. One of the well-known brands they sell is the Kamado Joe products and their fantastic accessories.

You only need to book your grillers with them and get the best before and after-sales support.

Kamado Joe BBQs

Kamado Joe BBQ products were built with the earlier traditional Asian style designs in which the air flowed through the grill’s ceramic body and vented out through the dome.

This gave the grilled vegetables and meats a rich, smoky flavour. Later, they started to modernise the grill’s style through unparalleled craftsmanship, spacious surfaces for cooking and some innovative accessories.

Kamado Joe BBQs are the best choice because of their fuel efficiency and moisture retention. The grilling temperature can reach a range of 200°F and 750°F.

So, you can roast the chickens, turkeys and even make burgers and steaks. This BBQ can withstand any weather, such as cold, rain, or wind, making it a perfect choice for outdoor cooking.

One of Kamado Joe BBQs’ finest ceramic charcoal grillers is the Kamado Joe Big Joe 2 BBQs. This is perfect for big crowds, especially when you want to feed many friends and family.

Here are some of the key features that you may want to know:

  • Huge cooking space of about 24 inches
  • Innovative technologies like the KJ’s Kontrol Tower Vent and the Air Lift Hinge.
  • It has a 2-tier Divide & Conquers Flexible Cooking System
  • Heat ranges from 82°C to 399°C.
  • Has a revolutionary AMP sectional firebox, which allows contraction and expansion in all directions, reducing the risk of cracking and faults.

The following are the items included in this Kamado Joe pack:

  • Big Joe II BBQ Smoker and Grill
  • Grill Cover Classic Joe
  • Lump Charcoal 9.07 kg bag
  • Fire Starters 24 Pieces
  • Cast Iron Half Moon Reversible Griddle
  • Cast Iron Half Moon Cooking Grate
  • Classic Pizza Stone
  • Half Moon Soapstone
  • Stainless Steel Half Moon Cooking Grate

With a seamless cooking experience, this product also has a Slide-out ash drawer for easy cleaning.

Overall, the Kamado Joe Big Joe II is a great choice for beginners and grilling experts. Their built-in features make your charcoal grilling experience easier and more convenient.

BBQs 2 u is one of the elite dealers of Kamado Joe products, both online and in-store. The positive point of being an elite dealer is that the buyers can get the latest KJ products first.

You are also sure to get a valid warranty on the new Kamado Joe products that you buy. For the best offers and to know more about their products, you can check the Pinterest page of BBQs 2u.

With BBQs 2u, you can get the fastest delivery all over the UK. Also, you can automatically earn points, which means £’s off in your next buy.

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