Working with drainage systems is an important job, regardless of your industry. Whether your business revolves around a sink or an outlet with a drain or it is simply a feature, you need to make sure you have the proper tools around to successfully unblock it if it ever gets clogged. There are lots of cleaning products for sale that promise maximum strength unblocking, but you need to find the ones that are designed for commercial-grade use. These are going to be even stronger and more suitable for professional use.

Liquid Concentrate

The most commonly used drain unblocker comes in liquid form. This is a highly-concentrated mixture of ingredients that is designed to get through the toughest clogs. Even if your drain is not fully clogged yet, it is still smart to flush it with this liquid to prevent major issues from occurring in the future. Just as you need to keep your drain clean, you should also take care to keep it clear of debris or any other build-up that might occur on a daily basis. This is especially true if you are in the food service industry or work with anything that produces oils or grease. Using this type of cleaner is as simple as pouring it down the drain, letting it sit, and then flushing it through with hot water.


Another option you have when looking for industrial drain cleaner is the kind that comes in the form of granules. It is a similar product to the liquid in the sense that you put it down the drain, but it is simply in granulated form. This type of cleaner works best when your drain might not be clogged, but you know it must be cleaned. Still very powerful, it is a professional cleaner that ensures that the job gets done. Some even come in pleasant scents to keep the area smelling fresh. Using a granule-based cleaner can help to maintain a great regular care routine.

No matter how you are using your drain or why you need to clean it out, there is certainly a product on the market that is appropriate. All you need to do is take a look at some reputable companies that manufacture professional cleaning products. You will see the options are limitless. This is great because it makes a simple process even easier to maintain.

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