A PDF format is useful when a document is intended to work and look the same way on different software used by other people. At other times, you may reach a situation forcing you to extract content or text from a PDF into a different presentation or document. A short piece of a word like a witty quote will require direct copying using the acrobat reader. An entire document or a long text will require the use of a specialized PDF to text converter to edit PDF.

How to convert a text from PDF

To copy a text from a PDF document is easy when using an adobe reader. You will have to start with a PDF document in the viewer. On the menu bar, choose the tools options, then select and zoom select tool. You can as well right-click anywhere on the document. On the popup window that appears, select the “choose tool” from it. Check the text you need to copy and highlight it. Press the control key together with the letter C on the keyboard. Alternatively, you can identify and select the text you need to copy and choose the Edit option- copy from the text to the clipboard.

Paste the copied text by pressing the control key together with the letter V into your presentation or document. The pasting can be done by right-clicking and choosing paste options.

How to use the PDF to TXT converter

The process of converting a text file from an entire PDF is more comfortable and faster when a third-party converter is incorporated than the natural process of manually extracting and opening each file when handling larger files. To accomplish this, you don’t need expensive adobe acrobat software. The A-PDF Text Extractor is a freeware that will do this great job. These processes will make it easy to convert a .txt from a .PDF using the freeware the A-PDF Text Extractor when used well.

Start by installing and starting up the A-PDF Text Extractor. Follow by dragging .PDF on the programs window. Select the extract the text and choose where to save the final .txt document.

A few seconds are used in the extraction process, and the conversion will automatically allow you to open a text file after it has been worked on. When converting plain text from the PDF, its losses all the formatting. To retrain all the layout and formatting, you will have to convert a PDF to a word document instead of the .txt document.

In the conversion process from a PDF to a text, you can use various online tools to do the entire task on your behalf easily. The online tools will save on your storage space since they are online tools where most of them don’t require downloading and installation or even registration to extract texts from PDFs. All PDF files converted are done in an easy way to open them.

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