We all love a premium ice-cold beer if we are absolutely honest, and whatever your favourite tipple, it probably won’t come anywhere near the amazing craft beers that local microbreweries are producing. You certainly wouldn’t be alone, as thousands of NZ beer drinkers have discovered craft beer and here are a few of the reasons why you should check out the amazing selection of craft beers from a local brewery.

  1. The Best Tasting Beers – Of course, when talking about beer, taste is a major factor, closely followed by strength and whether you prefer the crispness of an Olde English bitter, or the ice-cold refreshing European pilsner lager, your local craft beer brewer has you covered. We all have different tastes when it comes to beer and when you are browsing the microbrewery’s website, order a mixed selection pack and you can sample their range of craft beers that are lovingly brewed by local experts.
  2. Delivered to your Door – When you order craft beer online, it is delivered to your door and if you are ordering in any quantity, you can expect delivery to be free. All you need to do is Google ‘craft beer near me’ and a list of local microbreweries will pop up and you can start exploring their amazing selection of pale ales, pilsners and bitter.
  3. Great Value for Money – Whatever beer you normally drink, craft beer will be a cheaper alternative and the beer is the best tasting, made from local and imported produce, using traditional European recipes. Once on the brewer’s website, check out their impressive menu of fine pale ales, pilsners, lagers and English bitters and the prices are on a par (if not cheaper) with mass produced beer from the major brewers.
  4. Convenient – One thing is for sure, there’s no easier way to fill your refrigerator than ordering online and in no time at all, you’ll be filling up your cooler. Once the novelty wears off, all your drinking buddies will be visiting you on a regular basis, as the news spreads that you always have craft beer at home.

When you buy craft beer from a local microbrewery, you are supporting local families, as the breweries are usually family owned and managed. The recipes they use are old European style, which are combined with locally grown hops and other ingredients and until you actually taste premium beer, you can’t really say too much.

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