Unless you are living in a country where you are allowed to carry your guns anyhow or in the open carry holster, a concealed holster is always what you should be looking for. A concealed shoulder holster is very important both for safety and retention. It helps keep your gun safe and away from harm. You will not lose your firearm when you choose this type of holster. When you are choosing a concealed holster, it is very important to always make sure that you are choosing an option that is of great quality, one that will make you feel comfortable, and an option that will be safe for you and your surroundings. There are many things that you should check when looking for a concealed holster. Here are some of them

Safety and covered trigger guard

The first important thing to always consider is the covered trigger guard and the safety of your firearm. You should be looking for a holster that will help in covering the trigger guard so that not to end up with a holster that won’t prevent your gun from going off and causing some injuries to you or people who surround you. The material should be farm enough to ensure that the trigger on your gun won’t be depressed no matter the circumstance and other objects that the holster may come across. Apart from considering the safety of the gun’s trigger, it is also very vital to make sure that the holster keeps the gun itself very safe. Choose a holster that will not fire while in it just because you were involved in strenuous activity or you received a blow or you were in a trouble trying to defend yourself. A good holster won’t allow your gun to go off anyhow.


Another thing to consider when you are looking for a holster is if the holster is removable or not. A good holster should be able to attach and detach from your wardrobe very easily. If you find out that the holster is not that easy to attach or detach you may decide to leave it and look for another one that you think will give you an easy time.


You should also be looking at clothing when you are looking for leather holsters. What you should consider when you are looking for a holster is what is needed versus what is being preferred for the sake of access and concealment. Understanding these two facts will always vary from one person to another. It is you to look at your local weather and decide on the best concealment for you.


Retention is and has always been a very important factor to be considered when you are looking for a holster. If you are attacked today with deadly force, what is likely to happen to your gun or pistol? When it comes to attacks, you should know that most of them will be sudden.

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