At 토토사이트you will learn about various types of sports betting which will be alternatives to the fixed odds betting. They include:

  • Live/in play betting
  • Exchange betting
  • Esports betting
  • Pari-mutuel betting
  • Spread betting

Each of the above involves having to risk money on the sports events outcome in one way or the other. But they are known to work in different ways.

Live/in play betting

It is based on the same concepts as the ones for fixed odds sport betting because the wagers get placed on fixed odds. But there is one difference which is significant. With the traditional fixed odds betting, the wagers have to be placed before the start of an event. With in-play betting, the wagers can be placed when the event is ongoing. It is what opens up a new rang of opportunities for betting, and it is proved to be quite popular with the bettors.

Exchange betting

It utilizes fixed odds with no bookmaker involved. The two parties instead wager with both being bettors. One bettor backs the selection while the other lays the selection. The person who lays acts as the bookmaker, offering the other party with odds which are fixed for the selection and in case it is a correct selection, the layer will have to pay out the odds which was agreed upon. In case the selection of the backer is not correct, then the stake is received by the layer. It might sound to be complicated but it isn’t.

Spread betting

There aren’t any fixed odds that are involved when using the spread betting and the wager does not simply lose or win. You need to choose whether a certain number will be lower or higher than the spread posted by the bookmaker with the amount you lose or win depending on the amount lower or higher the number happens to be.

Pari-mutuel betting

It is utilized mostly for having to wager when it comes to horse racing, but it can be used also for other sports. It is another wagering form that removes the need of having a bookmaker and there aren’t any odds involved as well.

For each specific market for betting, each stakes get paid in a pool. Once the event is over, those who happened to back the selection that win will be paid out a share from the pool. Each person is going to get a share which will be calculated on the amount which was staked into the pool and the number of bettors that backed the selection which won.

Esport betting

It is very similar to the fixed odds betting with one difference which is major; it does not involve having to wager on the traditional sports. What you will wager on in esports betting is to place wagers on the video gaming which is competitive.

Even though video gaming competitions has been around for several years, it is only recently when it gained popularity. Majority of the events and the leagues get streamed online and televised, attracting quite a large audience. Can it be seen as a sport? That is debatable but there are certain people who believe it is.

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