Going to the dentist twice yearly is like buying insurance against tooth decay; it can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run. It is easy to put off going to the dentist because you think your teeth are fine or because you do not want to spend the money on a checkup this year. However, when you make the appointment, you may find that your cleaning takes much longer than expected, or you need multiple cavities filled.  

Conversely, the patients we see regularly (every six months) typically spend less than an hour in the examination chair. Dental cleanings are quick and painless since there is relatively little plaque and stains to remove. Their teeth are healthy and decay-free, so they will not need to see us for another six months until their next checkup. Seeing a dentist in Plymouth, MA regularly can improve your oral health and overall well-being for years to come, in addition to the short-term benefits already listed. 

 Long-term advantages of seeing the dentist regularly

Some of the long-term advantages of seeing the dentist regularly are listed below.

  • Dentists perform oral cancer screenings.

At each checkup, your dentist will feel around your lips, cheeks, and tongue for any signs of abnormal tissue or sores. Oral cancer may be a cause of these anomalies. We encourage biannual dental checkups because early detection is key, like with any malignancy.

  • Heart Disease Is associated with gum disease.

Patients with gum disease are at a multiplied risk of cardiovascular events such as heart attack and stroke. Although the exact mechanism linking gum disease and atherosclerosis is unknown, it is believed that the chronic inflammation caused by gum disease plays a role in the development of atherosclerosis. Good home oral hygiene and routine dental checkups are your strongest defenses against gum disease.

  • Dentists have the ability to diagnose internal illnesses

Symptoms of systemic autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and diabetes can sometimes first manifest in the mouth, so visiting the dentist regularly is essential, even if you do not feel sick. A referral to your primary care physician will be made if your dentist or hygienist discovers any of these conditions during your checkup.

  • The condition of your teeth improves over time.

Want to maintain your teeth healthy and functional far into your golden years? Maintain consistent dental checkups. Preventive dental care has been found to reduce the risk of long-term tooth loss. If you maintain routine dental checkups, we can prevent more serious issues that would otherwise necessitate substantial (and costly) dental restoration work.

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